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We are hiring .mobi is the new mobile proximity banner service to connect businesses that have jobs to offer with those in search.

This innovative service is for companies that already have or intend to install the banner We are Hiring on their building facade to warn passers-by that they are looking for a workforce.

With the shortage of manpower a company must put all the chances on its side and be as accessible as possible by the future prospects.

That's why we have developed interactive banners ready to be installed or easily added to those already in place.

They are equipped with a QR code (quick response) and a 6-digit code. The passerby can then scan the QR code and be redirected to the web link directly, or visit and enter the code and subsequently be redirected to the determined link.

From anywhere in the world, the company can remotely control the code link via a PC, Mac, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The statistics of consultation of his bannerr are sent to him weekly or monthly to the choice.

Nowadays at the time of the mobility and the Internet, the people looking for a job, like to be able to consult the details of the available positions and to visit the Web site of the company to inquire before applying.

With our interactive banners editable, they simply point the camera of their smartphone, tap the link that appears on their screen and access it instantly in 5 seconds.

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